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Business English

Our Business English program gives students the opportunity to make sure the course material is pertinent to their professional goals while also enhancing their business and language abilities. Additionally, it guarantees that they get excellent customer service.

There is a specific level of improvement within a company. In contrast to traditional learning, which offers a lot of theory but no quick practical application to the situation, people may immediately apply the primary concepts to their professions when they get back to their desks. The improvement of collaboration and interaction, operational efficiency, customer service, employee confidence and motivation, and overall job happiness will all result from the development of superior business English  abilities in both individuals and organizations.

As a development tool with a specific purpose, business English’s main objectives are to achieve consensus and effective communication. Domino aims to equip you with all of the prerequisites of Business English in order to get you ready for the global business world. For this reason, it is essential to have a business-oriented English vocabulary as well as a variety of skills.


application of grammar, proper and wrong sentence formation, and vocabulary expansion.

  • Effective communication is explored, as well as communication methods, types, and impediments.
  • Learn about your audience and become an expert presenter.
  • Listening Techniques: Different sorts of listening, obstacles to listening, different types of listening, and how to use listening techniques in professional settings
  • Communication and telephone etiquette are thoroughly covered.
  • Interviewing abilities, such as how to format a resume and CV, what to expect in an interview, and how to conduct an interview. Writing emails, reports, agendas, inter- and intra-company memoranda, as well as the fundamentals and varieties of business letters.
  • Knowledge of and adherence to business etiquette.
  • Meeting minutes for business meetings Knowing the Ins and Outs of Writing Business Meeting Etiquette and Understanding

Personality Development

You possess the academic credentials and professional abilities necessary to succeed, yet your struggles make you appear weak and uninteresting to others. You lack self-assurance, are not forceful, and your body language and communication abilities are inadequate. The answer to the true question is yes, you can get past this obstacle and grow as a person. Our personality development program in Karachi was thoughtfully created with the challenge people confront to stand out in both the professional and social spheres in mind. Through this personality development course, you’ll be able to improve your interpersonal abilities, personality traits, and personal talents.

We refer to this as PERSONAL BRANDING rather than personality development training. This personality development program equips you to control how other people see you in social situations. Protect your brand because you are it. Enjoy it.

  • Develop your sense of self
  • Establish a powerful personal brand.
  • Boost your communication abilities
  • Be assertive on social networking