Principal's Message


Dear Students,

As the principal of Domino English Learning Centre, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Digital Institute. It is not a story of today, but it’s a fruit of tremendous efforts and incredible hard work. Domino English Learning Centre envisions the empowerment of future for those who join us.


Our treasured goal is the empowerment of students for their linguistic and career development. We would like to give a skillful, multipurpose, and dynamic platform to our students, as the world has become digitalized.

The life you dream about is closer than you think through these skills which will give you the freedom for multiple ventures, give you financial freedom and acquire further skills.


We believe in exploring and putting all together with the best training and development strategy that will help individuals, marketing experts, organizations, educational firms, and enterprises to cope up with crucial and competitive markets utilizing the best gained knowledge from our institution. We do not just firmly train our students to be career ready, but also market ready.

We sincerely anticipate that you would make the most of your wonderful opportunity to live and learn in a great institute/agency in a great country for those who are intended to work hard and play hard. I am looking forward that you will have no regrets with your decision either during your time with us or when your career building is underway.

Speak Domino is a passport to your success in the challenging, fast developing, and exhilarating world. The entire faculty and I welcome you.