Welcome to Domino English Learning Centre Karachi. Pakistan No.1 English Language Teaching Institution.

Why choose Domino


We genuinely think that when you are interested in what you are learning, you will be more motivated to learn. Your language learning has the freedom to grow thanks to the structure of a predetermined curriculum and the adaptability to take into account your personal interests.


At DELC, learning a new language is a thrilling experience! You can tailor your learning experience to your language level, hobbies, and goals with our extensive selection of course options and schedules. The center places the student in the study program in accordance with their English language requirements following a placement test. Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TEFL, PTE, Business English, and Teachers are just a few of the courses we provide to fit everyone’s needs.

During the school year’s summer break, summer camp and junior English language courses are also available to students. Anyone who wishes to pursue additional studies overseas may also take use of our career counselling services. We have a tone of IELTS preparation materials, all of which were created by our highly qualified instructors. We also set up multimedia workshops for both our professors and students, which assist them advance in their fields of study or employment.

A extremely varied STUDENT POPULATION:

DELC is committed to maintaining a diverse student body, with no one linguistic group being the majority. It draws students from all around Pakistan. You will have a really cross-cultural learning experience at DELC, and you will forge incredible friendships that could last a lifetime!


Whatever difficulties you may be having in your personal life or in your studies, our helpful cultural counsellors are here to support you and will help you succeed!


Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and committed to assisting students in successfully resolving language-related issues. Our teachers help students talk, but they also go to their level of comprehension to help them comprehend the issues preventing them from speaking fluently.

Our faculty is dedicated to providing you with a wonderful and unique learning experience with guaranteed outcomes. You can choose a curriculum from our English learning courses that suits you. At “DELC,” we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced trainers who are dedicated to helping you with all of your training needs, from curriculum modification to providing extra attention to individual needs. Our trainers are committed to seeing that your training is completed and that your personal goals are met. They were carefully chosen for their capacity to inspire and motivate. With the student-centered approach used by DELC, many teachers have years of experience in the classroom.

TEACHING FACULTY: The greatest and most convenient locations are chosen for our institutes. Step outside any of our schools and you’ll discover yourself in the center of a bustling, interesting city, surrounded by sights and attractions. The central location of DOMINO campuses makes them accessible from all parts of the city.


DOMINO has all the tools pupils require to help them learn the English language. We provide materials and facilities that are current. books created specifically to fulfil the demands of Pakistani pupils. The first English learning facility in Pakistan to provide classes using an audio, video, and headphone technology is DOMINO. The pupils’ speaking and listening abilities in English are improved thanks to an engaging and fascinating English audio and video system. We have spacious, air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped audio and video labs with individual headphone facilities.

All courses are constantly monitored by closed-circuit cameras, which forces pupils to put their academics first and also allows teachers to keep track of each student’s performance and attendance. Parents are instantly notified via our SMS alert in the event of a student’s absence from the centre during any course hour. We maintain smaller class sizes because we value individualised attention. Each course lasts three months and consists of three hours each day, five days per week. Every student’s success is evaluated at the conclusion of each month by means of Power Point presentations and examinations that have been meticulously created. To keep parents well-informed about their child’s performance and attendance, we also offer an SMS alert system. We support educators in their work, students in their learning, and parents in tracking the intellectual and educational development of their kids.

We maintain a tight educational environment and offer internet access to our kids. The progress exams are all computer-based. Students’ test results are available online. We also publish a monthly newsletter called “Communique” that showcases the greatest writing and artistic English language contributions from our pupils.


Simple rules govern the DELC Guarantee. If your English does not progress as quickly as we believe it should, we will provide you all the extra help and classes you require at no additional cost to get to your desired level.

Verbal WORKSHOPS for verbal communication skill

Taking a course is just the beginning of being a DELC student. Our language classes are the ideal addition to your academic pursuits. We set created a weekly academic schedule that includes lectures as well as the well-liked “Pronunciation Clinics” and “Conversation Sessions.”