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One of the first things that comes to mind when considering studying abroad is probably housing, and your final decision will be influenced by a number of factors. Prior to making your choice, which is undoubtedly influenced in part by personal preference, there are numerous possibilities, variables, and inspections to take into account when it comes to accommodation for international students.

There is a living option for you, whether it be institutional housing or private housing, regardless of your budget.

Domino offers its pupils thorough advice on accommodations.

It comprises on-campus lodging, dorm accommodations, and home stays. Private housing is typically accessible, but at a premium price, in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. You won’t have the same social scene as students who live in halls, but you’ll frequently come across clusters of student housing,

giving you the impression that you’re residing in a student neighborhood. Some universities might even offer to put you up temporarily so you can look around and decide on the kind of student housing you want to live in when you get there. You can get a complete lodging guide from Domino.


  • Does the unit have everything you’ll need? Are they of a sufficient calibre? Are you required to bring your own?
  • Is there a desk available where you may work that has space for your computer?
  • The kitchen has any cooking utensils?
  • Are there enough linens and bed sheets available? Do you have any laundry facilities?
  • Are there extra fees for particular services?
  • Do you have a phone and internet access? Should you handle this on your own? What would it cost you exactly?